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About: Lucy DC

I was born in Bruges - Belgium.
In my younger days I experimented with different kinds of drawing,

painting and jewellery design.
Shortly after being married, I accompanied my husband and lived

in many parts of Africa and Asia. Influences of these cultures reflect in my art.
In Indonesia , I had private tuition of Batik, a fascinating Art form.
In Taiwan, I learned to make Cloisonne jewellery.

In Antwerp - Belgium I learned custom jewellery design

and had my own jewellery boutique in Bruges.


After moving to Germany , I studied in the private Art Academy “Akademie-Agethen”.

There I fine tuned all painting techniques and got my practical “Master of Art”.

Nowadays my preferred painting techniques are Acryl and Acryl-Lasur.


Thank you for visiting my gallery and I hope you enjoy my Art Work.

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